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Why Thrive?

At Thrive Benefit Solutions we believe that your insurance broker should do more than run quotes and drop off stacks of paper applications for you to get filled out and returned. At the foundation of everything we do lies the belief we are here to serve you. We assume that if you wanted to be in the insurance business, you would be! 


Health, life and disability benefits can be convoluted, especially in today’s market. We believe that, most importantly, your employees understanding those benefits have never been more important. We believe it is more important than ever for your employees to fully understand the benefits that you are making available to them. We take a straightforward approach to explaining the insurance products and solutions that we provide. We also educate employees regarding other benefit offerings like health insurance, vision, dental, retirement plans, FSA or HSA options and any other products in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. Businesses offer benefits to attract and retain key talent. If your employees don’t understand those benefits,it is impossible to accomplish your goal.


Think about this for a second: We buy cars, groceries, jewelry, and anything else you can imagine online, but many companies are still filling out paper applications to enroll health, vision, dental, and other insurance products. This creates an immense burden on the people that have to make sure that data is consolidated onto one spreadsheet, making sure that the all of the data is correct. We take your benefit enrollment into the 21st century with our online enrollment platform. Any of your current benefits can be uploaded into our system directly. Our licensed Benefit Counselors sit with each of your employees on an individual basis and educate them on their available options. When your employees are educated in their options, they appreciate them more. When your enrollment is complete, we provide the necessary election and declination data for you. This is provided in one spreadsheet, with no data entry necessary, allowing your HR staff to focus on their main responsibilities and take them out of the insurance business.


Too often, we find that businesses are made to feel as if their insurance broker is in charge and makes the the final decisions when it comes to employee benefit offerings. We believe that you are the one in charge of your benefit package. Furthermore, employees should be able to make educated, responsible decisions to protect themselves, their families and their financial security.

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